Thursday, 3 October 2013

1110 families facilitated through installation of tent shelters at Togh Sarie IDP camp

FRD has successfully completed the tent shelter project at Togh Sarie camp Hangu to facilitate the IDP’s families at camp. Provision of tent shelter enabled these families to cope up with the extreme weather conditions at the camp as tents are providing insulation against the heat and rains. The project not only helped in providing favourable living conditions but also facilitated the women population by providing them sufficient space and additional covered area inside the tent shelter. Thus intervention made the lives of the IDPs living in the camp a lot easier and relatively comfortable with special benefit to the women and children who could enjoy relatively moderate temperature in the tent shelters.

The project assisted 1110 families with total number of 5427 individuals including 2,605 male members and 2,822 female members, thus providing blanket coverage to all the families residing inside the camp.

It is worth mentioning that construction of tent shelter Tough Sarie is part of FRD on-going project of site maintenance activities at Jalozai camp Nowshehra and Tough Sarei camp Hangu. Other major activities carried out include the dressing and shingling of the existing roads inside the camps, maintenance and repair of the drains inside the camps, installation of infrastructure to assure the security and protection of the camps as well as other activities in relevance to the camp maintenance activities like DRR structures rehabilitation and repair of the services providers facilities, consolidation of the electric poles and filling of trenches and wells inside the camps. All the major activities are completed. Regular maintenance work is being carried out on need basis and as identified by the community and camp administration.

 Selection of site and layout for shelters

Filling of Registration form

Shelter Construction  

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Job Opportunity for Fresh Graduates / Entry Level Professionals

FRD requires 2 Program Assistants and 2 MER Assistants on urgent bases. There is no specific requirement of previous experience as long as you can justify the presence of the required competencies in your profile. Individuals/Fresh graduates and professionals with a learning attitude are the audience of this call for hiring.

Previous experience of working with LFA and understanding of the project management in nonprofit sector will be considered an added advantage of the candidate.

Both the positions are based in Peshawar office with requirement of frequent travel to various parts of KP, FATA and Punjab. Both the positions are on probation bases for 2 months. After successful probation time the high performance individuals will be promoted to the position of associate. Contract for the associate will be for one year, with a possibility of promotion to coordinator and officer later on. (Strictly performance based and contingent upon availability of resources)

Interested candidates with required competencies and qualification against each position do apply positively before 25th September 2013. For details of positions, required competencies /qualification and to apply visit our “working with us” section or follow the link below

Note: The shortlisted candidate could be called for test/interview before the closing date. Shortlisting, written test and interviews all are conducted on the bases of personal competencies, and any attempt to influence the process unduly will lead to disqualification of the candidate. We advocate for Gender Mainstreaming and encourage women with relevant competencies and qualification to grow their careers with us

Monday, 15 July 2013

Two More Batches of Taraqiyat Jirga Office bearers Trained

Two Batches of the office bearers of Taraqiyati Jirgas from Mohmand Agency, FATA, Pakistan trained on rights and Obligations and concepts of sustainable development. 1st Batch Comprised on 9 TJs and second batch provided training to 10 Taraqiyati Jirgas. Each TJ was represented by 3 of its executive members, and each training lasted three days.
1st Batch training was opened by Deputy Director Project Mr. Dawood Afridi from DoP, FATA Secretariate, where he assured full cooperation of FATA secretariat to the communities, FRD and LPH teams. Mr. Afridi also emphasized the importance of community contribution in their own development. Mr. Mohsin ul Mulk, the Regional Program Coordinator LPH also spoke on the occasion to the community members and explained the back ground of LPH, its coordination with FATA secretariat, FRD and communities. CEO of FRD explained the concept of social mobilization in the context of FRD's working and clarified that We believe that it is Only the communities themselves who can play a major role in their sustainable development. They should plan, implement and contribute to their own development. FRD will always be there to Provide technical support and guidance in their sustainable development initiatives.
The Training covered topics like, concepts of Development, Social Mobilization, TJ/Community organization and its role in the development, Roles and responsibilities of the office bearers, Sustainability of development interventions, Poverty and various approaches for its alleviation, and how to maintain the interest of the General Body in the long term development of the Villages. Senior Community facilitator explained the process of the formation and capacity building of TJs/CBOs in FRD-LPH context and offered continuous support to TJs even after the training is over, he explained that now it is time to implement your learning from this training back in your villages, and FRD team will always be there to provide you backstopping and support, he also explained that how FRD now plans to prepare Village development plans of all the villages with support of TJs members and urged them to contribute sincerely to the preparation of VDPs.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Family Shelter Assistance to the Returnee IDP’s Families of Orakzai Agency

1st October, 2012 To 15th June, 2013

Orakzai agency in the federally administered Tribal area of Pakistan has been the victim of volatile security situation and active conflict for the last many years. The counter militancy measures in the form of military operation, caused wide spread displacement throughout the Agency. The displaced families resorted to take refuge in the IDP camps or in the host community in the surrounding areas of the agency. After 7 months long military operation the government declared some areas safe for returns. In order to mobilize the community and to encourage them for returns, UNHCR being the shelter cluster lead in Pakistan, stepped in and started initiation of shelter interventions in the agency by provision of shelter repair material along with cash for work to 1000 returning IDP families.

The project initially started in August 2011, the project could not be completed due to various reasons and only 414 families could get the assistance .The remaining 586 families were still in need who were assessed in the project but could not get the assistance . In order to complete the project and to assist the remaining families UNHCR handed over the responsibility to FRD to complete the project with possible minimum resources. 

The project is focusing on the mobilization of the beneficiaries who received the assistance but did not utilize it, so that they complete the construction of their shelters. The remaining families who could not get the material for construction are being provided the material so that they could start construction. Mobilization has been the main component of the project along with the provision of expert services in the construction through the FRD technical staff in guiding the beneficiaries and incorporation of the DRR measures in the construction. The total beneficiaries of the project are 3796 individuals with 48% male and 52% female members. 

The project is a challenging one as the past experience of the community resulted in distrust and sense of detachment amongst the community towards the humanitarian community. FRD’s mobilization staff capitalizing on their previous experience and strong commitment and has been successful in re building the confidence of the community over the humanitarian organizations and the community is taking active part in the implementation process. 

The project has achieved 75% of its targets so far in spite of heavy snow and difficult terrain along with volatile security situation. The remaining work will be completed soon which will enable the community to have dignified living as well as will facilitate the efforts of restoration of peace and harmony within the locality.

Shelter Repaired

Distribution of Shelter Repair Material

Community Meeting

Distribution of Cash for Work

View of completed Shelter

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Site maintenance activities in IDP’s camps speeded up

FRD site maintenance activities in two camps i.e. Togh Serai Hangu and Jalozai, Nowshehra is in progress. Labor for the maintenance work is hired from within the camp on daily wages, in consultation with the shura members. So far FRD has completed construction of 450 and 128 access bridges along with 204 and 61 culverts in jalozai and Togh serai camps respectively. Dressing and shingling of roads and rehabilitation of drains is underway in Jalozai camp but most of the main drains and sub- drains are de-silted and maintained and will not cause any damage in case of rain, while in Togh serai camp rehabilitation of drains has been completed.

3 security check points is installed as well as ditches around the camp is excavated for security measures in Jalozai camp. Additionally FRD has filled 6 dry wells identified by Shura members as it was very dangerous for community and children as well. Assessments of parda wall have been completed at all the phases of both camps and the repair work will be done on need basis. One electric pole in Jalozai camp was eroded and was near to fall, to mitigate the risk of damage FRD supported its base by sand bags. FRD also completed flood protection wall of jalozai camp.

Plotting has been started to install 1159 shelters in Togh Serai while Feeder Roads (in meter) from main road to camp is in process. FRD team has also rehabilitated 6 km shingle road with shingle material inside the camp of Togh Serai. In addition to maintenance work FRD social mobilizers is also conducting shura meetings on daily basis along with awareness sessions with school children for sustainability of the maintenance work.

Despite of distress security situation and heavy rains FRD team is working with same dedication and enthusiasm for timely and successful execution of project to provide a better life to IDP’s inside the camp.

Security Checkpoint Jalozai Camp
Installation of Shelters Togh Serai Camp

Culvert Togh Serai Camp

Electric Pole Jalozai Camp
Shingle Road Togh Serai Camp

Filling of Dry Well Jalozai Camp

Drain Rehabilitation Togh Serai Camp

Excavation of ditches around Jalozai Camp

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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Site Maintenance activities in two Big IDPs camps

1st January 2013 To 30th June 2013

The Province of Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa has hosted and continue to host hundreds of thousands of Internally Displaced people from various parts of FATA (Federally Administered Tribal Areas) and some parts of Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa. IDPs also adopt various coping strategies with their displacement, the comparatively well off/ resilient families live in hosting areas either with their relatives/friends or getting a house on rent, while the more vulnerable families take refuge in various IDPs camps.
Currently Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa is hosting two big camps i.e. Jalozai in district Nowshehra and Togh Sarai in district Hangu. These IDPs camps require regular site maintenance to let the IDPs have an acceptable environment in the camp. The site maintenance activities include  but not limited to taking care of the Shingle roads, Sanitation drains, improved access, protection of critical infrastructure (like culverts etc) and improving the overall environment inside the Camp.
FRD in partnership with UNHCR has accepted the responsibility since 1st January 2013 in Jalozai and Togh Sarai IDPs camps. FRD and UNHCR are not only providing the site maintenance services, rather we are also supporting the livelihoods of the poorest IDPs by involving them in the cash for work activities on daily wages basis for at least 2 weeks. The induction of the labor in the activities is also a participatory process, where the Camp Shura and sectoral committees help FRD in identification of the Poor IDPs who can work in site maintenance and who are in search of Daily wager Jobs in the locality.
The project is an ongoing activity and the crux of it is to facilitate the IDPs in living a decent life inside the IDPs camps