Saturday, 1 June 2013

Family Shelter Assistance to the Returnee IDP’s Families of Orakzai Agency

1st October, 2012 To 15th June, 2013

Orakzai agency in the federally administered Tribal area of Pakistan has been the victim of volatile security situation and active conflict for the last many years. The counter militancy measures in the form of military operation, caused wide spread displacement throughout the Agency. The displaced families resorted to take refuge in the IDP camps or in the host community in the surrounding areas of the agency. After 7 months long military operation the government declared some areas safe for returns. In order to mobilize the community and to encourage them for returns, UNHCR being the shelter cluster lead in Pakistan, stepped in and started initiation of shelter interventions in the agency by provision of shelter repair material along with cash for work to 1000 returning IDP families.

The project initially started in August 2011, the project could not be completed due to various reasons and only 414 families could get the assistance .The remaining 586 families were still in need who were assessed in the project but could not get the assistance . In order to complete the project and to assist the remaining families UNHCR handed over the responsibility to FRD to complete the project with possible minimum resources. 

The project is focusing on the mobilization of the beneficiaries who received the assistance but did not utilize it, so that they complete the construction of their shelters. The remaining families who could not get the material for construction are being provided the material so that they could start construction. Mobilization has been the main component of the project along with the provision of expert services in the construction through the FRD technical staff in guiding the beneficiaries and incorporation of the DRR measures in the construction. The total beneficiaries of the project are 3796 individuals with 48% male and 52% female members. 

The project is a challenging one as the past experience of the community resulted in distrust and sense of detachment amongst the community towards the humanitarian community. FRD’s mobilization staff capitalizing on their previous experience and strong commitment and has been successful in re building the confidence of the community over the humanitarian organizations and the community is taking active part in the implementation process. 

The project has achieved 75% of its targets so far in spite of heavy snow and difficult terrain along with volatile security situation. The remaining work will be completed soon which will enable the community to have dignified living as well as will facilitate the efforts of restoration of peace and harmony within the locality.

Shelter Repaired

Distribution of Shelter Repair Material

Community Meeting

Distribution of Cash for Work

View of completed Shelter