Thursday, 3 October 2013

1110 families facilitated through installation of tent shelters at Togh Sarie IDP camp

FRD has successfully completed the tent shelter project at Togh Sarie camp Hangu to facilitate the IDP’s families at camp. Provision of tent shelter enabled these families to cope up with the extreme weather conditions at the camp as tents are providing insulation against the heat and rains. The project not only helped in providing favourable living conditions but also facilitated the women population by providing them sufficient space and additional covered area inside the tent shelter. Thus intervention made the lives of the IDPs living in the camp a lot easier and relatively comfortable with special benefit to the women and children who could enjoy relatively moderate temperature in the tent shelters.

The project assisted 1110 families with total number of 5427 individuals including 2,605 male members and 2,822 female members, thus providing blanket coverage to all the families residing inside the camp.

It is worth mentioning that construction of tent shelter Tough Sarie is part of FRD on-going project of site maintenance activities at Jalozai camp Nowshehra and Tough Sarei camp Hangu. Other major activities carried out include the dressing and shingling of the existing roads inside the camps, maintenance and repair of the drains inside the camps, installation of infrastructure to assure the security and protection of the camps as well as other activities in relevance to the camp maintenance activities like DRR structures rehabilitation and repair of the services providers facilities, consolidation of the electric poles and filling of trenches and wells inside the camps. All the major activities are completed. Regular maintenance work is being carried out on need basis and as identified by the community and camp administration.

 Selection of site and layout for shelters

Filling of Registration form

Shelter Construction