Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Site maintenance activities in IDP’s camps speeded up

FRD site maintenance activities in two camps i.e. Togh Serai Hangu and Jalozai, Nowshehra is in progress. Labor for the maintenance work is hired from within the camp on daily wages, in consultation with the shura members. So far FRD has completed construction of 450 and 128 access bridges along with 204 and 61 culverts in jalozai and Togh serai camps respectively. Dressing and shingling of roads and rehabilitation of drains is underway in Jalozai camp but most of the main drains and sub- drains are de-silted and maintained and will not cause any damage in case of rain, while in Togh serai camp rehabilitation of drains has been completed.

3 security check points is installed as well as ditches around the camp is excavated for security measures in Jalozai camp. Additionally FRD has filled 6 dry wells identified by Shura members as it was very dangerous for community and children as well. Assessments of parda wall have been completed at all the phases of both camps and the repair work will be done on need basis. One electric pole in Jalozai camp was eroded and was near to fall, to mitigate the risk of damage FRD supported its base by sand bags. FRD also completed flood protection wall of jalozai camp.

Plotting has been started to install 1159 shelters in Togh Serai while Feeder Roads (in meter) from main road to camp is in process. FRD team has also rehabilitated 6 km shingle road with shingle material inside the camp of Togh Serai. In addition to maintenance work FRD social mobilizers is also conducting shura meetings on daily basis along with awareness sessions with school children for sustainability of the maintenance work.

Despite of distress security situation and heavy rains FRD team is working with same dedication and enthusiasm for timely and successful execution of project to provide a better life to IDP’s inside the camp.

Security Checkpoint Jalozai Camp
Installation of Shelters Togh Serai Camp

Culvert Togh Serai Camp

Electric Pole Jalozai Camp
Shingle Road Togh Serai Camp

Filling of Dry Well Jalozai Camp

Drain Rehabilitation Togh Serai Camp

Excavation of ditches around Jalozai Camp

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